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Welcome to Legacy List Marketing, Inc.

Legacy List Marketing is a full service list brokerage and list management company that specializes with political candidates, political action committees, non-profits, and charities. Started in 2002, Legacy List Marketing has quickly become one of the go-to list brokers and list managers in the political direct mail industry.

For more information on how Legacy List Marketing can help you or your clients acquire new donors or rent their donor file, please contact Beau Thompson at bt@legacylistmarketing.com.

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Our Team

Beau Thompson

Beau Thompson
Director of List Operations

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Prior to joining Legacy List Marketing in 2007, Beau came from a background in the golf industry where he focused on marketing and operations management. He currently handles all management and brokerage operations for Legacy List Marketing. Beau currently resides in Maryland with his wife and two daughters
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